ANts P2P

1.6.0 Beta

P2P application that protects your privacy


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ANts P2P has been defined as a third generation application within peer to peer file interchange networks.

ANts P2P uses diverse mechanisms to protect its users privacy, making you practically invisible while you use it.

On one hand, ANts P2P hides the IP address of the computer running it, while on the other, it crypts all of the information that it receives and sends.

ANts P2P benefits from the technology of Ad-Hoc networks, which allow two computers to communicate without establishing a direct connection between them.

Otherwise, it isn't all that different from any other P2P application. You can use it to download more than one file at the same time, pause and resume a download whenever you need to, and more.

ANts P2P requires Java Runtime Environment 1.5.

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